Simplify Data Governance and Metadata Management

Employees are empowered to govern their business terminology, research available data assets,  and quickly search and find answers to questions about the information they use.

Best in Class Data Lineage Automation

Fully automated data lineage and impact analysis for over 60 tools including databases, big data, SQL scripts, stored procedures, ETL jobs and reports.



3X the ROI vs. Competing Solutions

MetaCenter's unique loosely coupled architecture reduces cost of ownership and drives higher levels of automation for customers.


Empower All of Your Metadata Management & Data Governance Initiatives with MetaCenter

Metadata Management

Cataloging your data and reporting assets across all you data management technologies. 


Data Governance

Collaborate across business and technical teams to document and classify your data assets.  Improve operational efficiency and support regulatory compliance.


Data Lineage Automation

Best in class automation.  Lowest cost of ownership to maintain.   Over 60 tools and technologies supported.  

ilust - Powerful Analytics

Business Glossary

Workflow driven business glossary.   Integrate and search from you corporate portal, reports  or favorite browser.


Data Dictionary

Automatically collect and sync data dictionary information from your technical systems.


Data Catalog

Build a catalog of data and reporting assets and reports across business domains in the enterprise.

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Root Cause Analysis & Change Management

Streamline your process for resolving issues and managing change by leveraging your enterprise metadata.

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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

The MetaCenter Platform reduces costs, increases agility and increases user confidence.

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Metadata Discovery

The highly customizable gives the ability to understand how to deliver maximum value from your company’s information assets.

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Data Governance

Data governance requires having policies, processes and supporting information to make decisions about the organization’s data in all stages

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Data Quality Initiatives

Enhance your data quality foundation for your business with the MetaCenter platform.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory authorities are looking for clear proof that your business is in control of its data.

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Benefits of MetaCenter


Reduce IT Costs

Save 95% over manual documentation of technical systems. Drive reuse of data assets.


Keep Business and IT in Sync

Enable collaboration across business and IT teams. Institutionalize and share knowledge.


Enable Agile Data Management

Reduce the time to resolution for technical issues by up to 98%. Free up IT teams to focus on new systems.


Deliver Cost Effective Data Governance

Be a data governance hero. Set up a data governance process that works - stakeholders enjoy.


Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Build trust in your organization. Quickly find, verify, and report how information is used.


Boost Business Intelligence

Get smart about your data. Build a central metadata repository that documents the data assets.


Reduce the Cost of Data Management

Automate documentation of your technical systems. Provide business and IT teams a trusted single.


Best in Class Usability and Extensibility

Simple GUI driven customization enables rapid application development. No programming required.

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