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MetaCenter® Helps Organizations Govern Their Information Assets







Reduce IT Costs

Save 95% over manual documentation of technical systems.  Drive reuse of data assets.  Reduce costly errors and rework.   



Keep Business and IT in Sync

Enable collaboration across business and IT teams.  Institutionalize and share knowledge about your information assets.  Business users can self service questions about IT systems.




Enable Agile Data Management

Reduce the time to resolution for technical issues by up to 98%.  Free up IT teams to focus on new systems to drive business value.




Empower All of Your Metadata Management & Data Governance Initiatives

with the Flexibility of MetaCenter®



Deliver Cost Effective Data Governance

Be a data governance hero.  Set up a data governance process that works - stakeholders enjoy full access to enterprise information assets, one unified view shared by business and IT staff, and built-in workflows that simplify collaborative conflict resolution and decision-making.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Build trust in your organization. Quickly find, verify, and report how information is used.  Ensure the right people have access to the right data.  Automate compliance tasks to quickly and accurately demonstrate that your organization has its data assets under full control.

Boost Business Intelligence

Get smart about your data.  Build a central metadata repository that documents the data assets your business creates and consumes, and use that information in your quest to master your market.  Establish a culture where business and IT work together to drive agility and data quality across your data warehouse and reports.

Reduce the Cost of Data Management

Automate documentation of your technical systems.  Provide business and IT  teams a trusted single source of truth to understand your information assets.  Explore data lineage graphs and impact analysis reports to  enable quick root cause analysis of any issues.  Free up technical resources to work on building new capabilities to drive business value.




Take the First Step Towards Successful Metadata and Data Governance

Initiatives with MetaCenter®



What Makes MetaCenter® Different?



Faster Implementation Timeframes and Lower Implementation Risks

MetaCenter's flexible and model driven architecture reduces implementation timeframes.   Additionally, we develop all our own technology, unlike most of our competitors who OEM large portions of theirs.  This allows us to provide superior Service Levels and quickly address  any customer needs that stand in the way of their success.

Best in Class Usability and Extensibility

Simple GUI driven customization enables rapid application development.  No programming required.   Customizable best in class search and graphical data lineage reporting allows information to be easily discovered and analyzed by users.   Built in workflow capabilities allows users to collaborate using a formal governance process. 



Superior Return on Investment and Long Term Outcomes

MetaCenter is the only repository solution in the world to use a loosely coupled architecture resulting in reducing the cost of ownership by 60 to 80% over competing solutions.   By keeping the cost of ownership manageable Metacenter also delivers industry leading long term success rates to our customers.

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