Root Cause Analysis & Change Management

Streamline your process for resolving issues and managing change by leveraging your enterprise metadata. The MetaCenter platform links your business glossary and data dictionary to the physical information assets where the data is stored, processed, and presented.  The end-to-end view in your metadata repository shows exactly what assets will be affected, who needs to be involved, and what policies, standards, and rules will apply. Conduct impact assessments with precision 20 times faster than manual analysis.

MetaCenter is the Solution for Change Management

End-to-End Data Lineage with Drill Down for Detail

Every step in the data flow is visible to users. Linkages between your business terms and your physical assets bring depth to your data lineage and impact analysis.   Everyone benefits from a clear view of how and where data is used.

Manage Scope and Cost

Knowing the exact impact of a change permits you to accurately estimate the work required. Save time and money.

Leave a Record of Change

When making changes to information assets, users can document the changes directly in the metadata.  Knowledge transfer and institutional knowledge are both improved.

Improve Change Communications

Document who owns and uses the data that will be affected by a change. Change owners can ensure all stakeholders are informed and involved when it’s time to analyze the impact a change will have.

Benefits of MetaCenter To Your Compliance Process

Connect to Diverse Information Sources

ActiveLinx Adaptors enable automated collection of metadata throughout your organization, including to databases, reporting tools, process models, spreadsheets, and more,  giving you unprecedented coverage in your metadata repository.

Centralized Data Repository

Business, operational, and technical metadata are all stored together in the MetaCenter® Repository.  A singular, definitive information source provides clarity on data owners, users, and stakeholders and simplifies targeted communication.

Document Relationships & Information Paths

The MetaCenter Repository automatically determines relationships across your systems.  Data lineage analysis tools in the MetaCenter Web Portal allow users to visually explore data flows upstream and downstream from changes.


The highly customizable repository lets users document changes and keep track of alterations to support audit and compliance activities.