Metadata Discovery

The highly customizable MetaCenter metadata repository complete with intuitive and powerful search and collaboration tools give business and IT users alike the ability to understand how to deliver maximum value from your company’s information assets. Organizations rely on informed employees to implement business strategies and execute plans. A good metadata management strategy can address the challenge by giving employees the ability to explore and better understand the business information they use in all their projects.

Metadata Discovery Done Right with MetaCenter

Institutionalize Knowledge Sharing

Having access to metadata means you have an understanding of what your business data represents, when it was created, how it was manipulated, and the business rules for how it can be used. This is a major boost to today’s organizations, particularly those with a mobile or decentralized workforce.

Centralized Data Repository

Knowing the exact impact of a change permits you to accurately estimate the work required. Save time and money.

Enterprise Visualization

Understand where your information comes from.  Understand what IT systems support the business. See how data moves and flows through your business.

What the Data Advantage Group Approach Offers

Maximize the Metadata Under Your Control

ActiveLinx Adaptors can be used to automatically load nearly any structured metadata source you have, no matter how diverse your technical environment.

Explore Data Lineage and Dependency Analysis

MetaCenter Web Portal allows you to roll up, drill down, and scan across massive volumes of metadata records and relationships using our intuitive visual interface and user-friendly search features.

Eliminate Normalization & Maintenance Headaches

Our distinctive loosely coupled metadata architecture within the MetaCenter Repository keeps your metadata in its native form.