Data Governance

Data governance requires having policies, processes and supporting information to make decisions about the organization’s data in all stages of its life-cycle. Data governance also requires having the ability to access and manage the metadata used to implement policies and apply standards. The Data Advantage Group's MetaCenter platform can help you reach your goals by giving your data governance team an accurate view of enterprise information assets and the data they represent, promoting data reuse, and improving data quality.

MetaCenter, Your Solution to Data Governance

Integrated Business Glossary & Data Dictionary

We provide a business glossary and a data dictionary with easy-to-use features allowing everyone in the organization to access the definitive library of business terms and meanings.

Consistency and Connectedness

Our ActiveLinx Adaptors build connections to a host of different information assets. With this higher level of granularity when examining data, data owners and stewards can establish business rules and determine exactly where and how to apply them to meet established policies.

Linked Information Systems

We link the business terms to their underlying information systems within the MetaCenter Metadata Repository.  This enables everyone to see the how information is sourced, and opens doors for business users and IT staff to collaborate.

Permissions Based Configurations

 We offer a robust and flexible role based permissions system that lets you configure the MetaCenter repository for use by the entire data governance team.  Each role can be defined and automated workflows can be built to optimize your governance process.

Benefits You Derive from the MetaCenter Platform

Eliminate Costly Confusion & Reduce Risk

By having full insight into the lifecycle of your data, you'll avoid expenses that would otherwise be hidden or unavoidable due to redundant or conflicting data.

Speedy Decision-Making

When conflicts arise they are taken care of quickly, thanks to automated review and approval processes.

A Platform Everyone Can Use

By having everyone participating in data governance keeps your entire operation consistently more productive.

Bring Transparency to Data Flows

Quickly demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations with just a few clicks and no hassle.