MetaCenter is an enterprise metadata management and data governance platform. MetaCenter enables business and technology teams to catalog and classify an organization's information assets. Users can self-service questions about their data assets and how data flows through the business and classify how it should be used. This enables organizations to lower costs while improving agility and reducing operational risks.

MetaCenter Benefits

Self Service Questions About Your Data Assets

Where is Data Sourced From?  Where is it Used? How was is Transformed?

What Data is Available for this Topic?  Who is the Expert in this Area?

What Known Issues Exist about a Data Asset?

What is the Definition of this Business Term?  How do we Define This Metric?  

Reduce the Cost of Data Analysis and Change Control

Reduce Time to Resolution and Improve SLAs to the Business

Automate Data Lineage and Impact Analysis

Catalog Data and Reporting Assets

Drive Reuse and Identify Redundant Data Assets

Simplify Data Governance and Compliance Requirements

Establish Clear Lines of Responsibility for Data and Reporting Assets

Enable Compliance with Financial and Regulatory Audits such as BCBS 239, KYC, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA

Build Collaborative Business Glossaries of Definitions and Metrics

Document Business Rules and Data Standards

MetaCenter Features

What Makes MetaCenter Different?


Loosely Coupled Architecture

Models for Each Application are Stored Independently Greatly Reducing Maintenance Requirements.


Customizable Semantic Layer

Search Based Semantic Layer Automates Cross Referencing Models. Faceted Views of Specific Data Assets cna be Published to Indivdual Roles


Point and Click Customization

Simple GUI Driven Customization Enables Rapid Application Customization. No Programming or Professional Services Required.


3X the ROI of Competing Solutions

Lower Cost of Ownership and Higher Levels of Automation Deliver Superior ROI Compared to Competing Solutions

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