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Regulatory Compliance

Build trust in your organization.

Regulatory authorities are looking for clear proof that your business is in control of its data.  The features of the MetaCenter® metadata repository are optimized for compliance initiatives.  Give your compliance teams a powerful metadata tool suite that allows them to quickly and confidently answer questions about your data and more importantly, prove that data is controlled and managed according to applicable policies and standards.

Address Compliance Matters Quickly and Definitively


Achieve Full Lifecycle Compliance

Be proactive.  Build a compliance culture with a metadata platform that supports data governance at every stage including data design, creation, update, and retirement.

Find Answers Fast

Respond quickly to audits with robust reports and ad hoc queries.  Provide insight into data with powerful analytics.  Demonstrate data lineage for your key business information, with full insight into data sources, transformations, and calculations.

Collaborate Seamlessly on Compliance

Metadata tells your compliance teams where information comes from and who maintains it.

Build Trust in Your Data

Quickly find, verify and report how information is used.  Eliminate guesswork and manual effort to find answers.


Benefits the MetaCenter® Platform Offers


Gain Visibility Into Your Assets

The MetaCenter® repository gives you visibility into your technical assets to accurately see where data is sourced, how it may be transformed or what calculations are performed.  Users discover detailed data lineage with ease.

Simplify Search

Faceted and keyword search features let users quickly pinpoint details within your voluminous data stores.


Streamline Compliance Tasks

Design automated workflows in the MetaCenter® repository environment to streamline tasks that support your compliance needs.  Set fine-grained permissions to align with the roles and responsibilities in your governance organization.

For the Business User

The MetaCenter® user interface is designed for ease of use, with no programming skills required. Business & IT users can collaborate naturally to build and maintain a comprehensive enterprise metadata repository.

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