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The Only 'Third Generation' Information Asset Management Solution Designed Specifically for the Distributed Real-Time Enterprise


Originally Posted: SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 28, 2003

Reinforcing its leadership and innovation in the information resource management market, Data Advantage Group today debuted MetaCenter™ 3, the only third generation enterprise meta data management platform designed specifically for the distributed real-time enterprise. Live demonstrations of MetaCenter 3 are being provided to attendees of the 7th Annual Wilshire Meta-Data Conference and 15th Annual DAMA International Symposium, an important industry conference that is being held this week at the Renaissance Orlando Resort in Florida.

MetaCenter provides a single window into your information systems environment that unlocks the contextual and relational information stored in transactional, business intelligence, database, data integration, data quality and data modeling applications. MetaCenter easily integrates this information with a platform for creating a best practice based corporate standards knowledge base. Business requirements, business rules and corporate standards can be documented, audited and seamlessly tied to the technical data underlying their execution. This empowers both technical and business users to collaborate in analyzing and efficiently managing the knowledge represented in your corporate information systems. Organizations benefit through dramatic improvements in employee productivity, elimination of duplicative work, institutionalization of knowledge and standards and a substantial reduction in operational risk.

"With the release of MetaCenter 3, Data Advantage group has once again strengthened its leadership position in answering the meta data management needs of the distributed real-time enterprise" said Greg Blumstein, President of Data Advantage Group. "As the only third generation meta data management solution on the market, MetaCenter provides the unique ability to manage meta data across distributed systems. This ability is critical to providing for the system management and end-to-end meta data needs of the real-time enterprise."

Key Features in MetaCenter 3

MetaCenter once again maintains its unrivaled leadership in meta data management of the distributed real-time enterprise by delivering the following features:

ActiveLinx™ - The Secret to Distributed Meta Data Management

MetaCenter is unique in allowing meta data to be easily managed across distributed systems in real-time. This provides an order of magnitude increase in the Return on Invesent ('ROI') over competing technologies. This is accomplished using ActiveLinx, a patent pending technology for real-time access to meta data in third party applications. ActiveLinx also permit the creation of persistent relationships between meta data objects across applications. This allows interdependencies and interrelationships to be modeled and maintained across applications without the need to map these systems into a rigid semantic neutral database structure. With ActiveLinx, MetaCenter is the only solution that can provide the capability for true 'plug and play' meta data management.

Built around Open Standards

MetaCenter was designed from the ground up to be compliant with the Object Management Group's Meta Object Facility (MOF) and Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) specifications. MetaCenter also supports XML import and export, including support for the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) protocol.

Modern Intuitive Interface

MetaCenter provides a dashboard driven user interface where both business and technical users feel equally comfortable. The intuitive interface brings for the first time best in class usability to meta data management and minimizes end user training requirements.

New ActiveLinx Supported

With the general release of MetaCenter 3, Data Advantage Group will be adding to its continuously growing catalogue of ActiveLinx, with support for IBM's DB2 UDB database, MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform, and Business Objects Data Integrator.


Note: MetaCenter and ActiveLinx are trademarks of Data Advantage Group, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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