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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Build Confidence and Drive Efficiency 

The MetaCenter® Platform reduces costs, increases agility and increases user confidence in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence deployments.  MetaCenter® allows technical and business users to self service questions about report definitions, data standards, and the system of origin for both report data and data in the warehouse.   IT teams spends less time responding to requests and business users spend less time looking for information.  

Enhancing Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Initiatives with MetaCenter®


Establish Governance and Stewardship Processes

Collaborate to establish agreed upon definitions and data standards across your data warehouse and reporting environments.   Clearly document who is responsible and accountable for specific data assets.

Self Service Answers

Business and technical users can self service questions.   Users can quickly gain understanding of  what information is in the data warehouse and how to best utilize it.  Data lineage analysis can assist users to quickly resolve issues and to convey an understanding of the system of origin of information.  

Reduce Costs and Service Response Times

Establish consistent business and data standards.   Automate documentation and data lineage analysis.   Reduce errors and rework through a better understanding of requirements.   Dramatically reduce service response times.


 How MetaCenter® is Different


Best in Class Automation

MetaCenter®'s ActiveLinx adaptors are the best in the industry.  Instead of normalizing all data collected they create a logic view of the metadata in the source system.  This allows for 100% automation and makes validation of the loaded metadata dramatically easier.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

MetaCenter's flexible and model driven architecture reduces implementation timeframes.  Best in class automation and extensibility reduces the cost of ownership over time. 


Vendor Neutral

Data Advantage Group is vendor neutral and is direct partners with leading technology and service providers.   This allows us to focus on what is best for our customers.   

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