Originally posted: SAN FRANCISCO, California, January 15, 2021

Data Advantage Group, Inc., a leading provider of data governance and metadata management software and services, today announced that it is currently shipping version 3.12.4 of its flagship MetaCenter platform.  New Features for MetaCenter 3.12.4

  • New support for AWS Secrets Manager for snapshot credential storage
  • New Google BigQuery ActiveLinx adaptor
  • New Salesforce ActiveLinx Adaptor support
  • New Apache Spark ActiveLinx adaptor
  • New WhereScape RED ActiveLinx adaptor
  • Added Table level lineage for Business Objects Universe Classes and Reports
  • Added Atlas Integration with CDP 7.1.3
  • Added support for MicroStrategy Dossiers
  • Added support for Redshift External Tables and Spectrum Queries
  • Added Support to Print to PDF for Data Lineage graphs
  • New URL API to login and go to an object using a search query
  • New custom bulk data lineage report from Application Search

Like the rest of MetaCenter, all the new features are point and click configurable via the MetaCenter web interface. With this release, MetaCenter continues to set the standard for ease of use and return on investment for metadata solutions.


General Availability

MetaCenter 3.12.4 is currently available for licensing and demonstration at your organization today.

About Data Advantage Group, Inc.

Data Advantage Group is a leading provider of enterprise metadata management and data governance solutions. The MetaCenter platform enables organizations to govern their information assets while lowering costs, improving agility and reducing operational risks.   The MetaCenter Platform is used by organizations around the world to enable and enhance data warehouse, data governance, data quality, compliance and metadata management initiatives.

For over 20 years, Data Advantage Group has been consistently delivering value to its customers through its consulting practice and the MetaCenter Platform. MetaCenter has a proven global track record with large and diverse clients around the world.


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